Series e-80

Series e-80

The B&G built-in mechanical seal with anti-vortex baffles in the seal chamber provide five times the flow around the seal face versus an externally flushed seal. Costly and inefficient external flush lines are not needed.
In-line mounting eliminates the need for special pads or foundations in most cases. Standard piping supports on both sides of pump are required at all times. The support ring located on the underside of pump volute is designed to provide ground support when necessary.
Pump may be mounted horizontally in vertical piping if desired.
Back pullout design allows servicing without disturbing the piping. Repairs can be made quickly and easily. Thus down-time is kept to a minimum.
Impeller balanced to ANSI/HI grade G6.3 results in quiet, vibration free operation.


Close-coupled in-line mounted pump available in 1-1/2 in. through 8 in. sizes. 1/4 to 50 HP at 1750 RPM and 5 to 60 HP at 3500 RPM. Available in bronze-fitted and all-iron construction. Flows to 2500 GPM, heads to 380 feet.

The Series 80 is an efficient, heavy-duty, close-coupled pump designed for horizontal and vertical in-line mounting.

Internally flushed BUNA/Carbon ceramic seals are standard. The internal flushed seal provides five times the flushing flow of pumps designed with externally flushed seals. The Series 80 pump is available in 175# and 250# working pressure and split-coupled designs.

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Commercial HVAC

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In Line

Connection (Inlet)

Larger than 6″, 6″, 5″, 4″, 3″, 2.5″, 2″, 1.5″

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Greater than 1000, 800 – 1000, 600 – 800, 400 – 600, 200 – 400, 100 – 200, 50 – 100, 25 – 50, Less than 25