Gas Fired Burners

  • Advanced Servomotor Camnetic Gas Regulating Assembly Integrated Control Panel Burner-Mounted Oil Pump Unique Combustion Head Design High-Efficiency Reverse-Incline Fan Service Slidebars Insulated Air Intake Housing Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis Flame Viewing Window Exterior Drawer Assembly Adjustment Screw
  • Low or High Pressure Steam or Water Highly Efficient Three-Pass Design Fully Waterbacked Primary Heating Surfaces Separate Rear Tube Sheets for Longer Service Life Wetback Design Allows Easy Front and Rear Access Made in the USA No Expensive Refractory or Door Replacement as with Some Drybacks Forced-Draft Firing with Oil (No. 2,4,5, or 6), Gas, or Combination Gas/Oil ASME Code Construction
  • 3-Pass firetube construction Asmesection iv construction Water-cooled side walls Rolled and flared tube ends Front and rear flue doors Oversized combustion chamber Washout openings Top/vertical smokebox discharge Lifting lugs Enameled steel jacket Fiberglass insulation