B56 Series Regulator

B56 Series Regulator

» Light weight and compact design
» Corrosion Resistant
» Inlet pressure capabilities up to 1000 PSIG
» No special start up procedures
» Polyurethane seat ensures reliable “lockup”
» Outlet pressure capabilities of 5 to 60 PSIG
» Light weight die cast aluminum diaphragm case
» Maximum flow capacities up to 20,000 SCFH


​The Itron B56 is a versatile pounds-to-pounds reducing regulator with internal relief, designed for applications requiring accurate regulation over a wide range of inlet and delivery pressures. A malleable iron valve body enables the B56 to handle inlet pressures of up to 1000 PSIG. The large diaphragm area (9 sq.in.) and level ratio (3.5 to 1) ensure accurate regulation for this type of regulator over an outlet pressure range of 5-60 PSIG.

Additional information



Regulator Type

Reducing Regulator


NPT, Flanged

Connection (Inlet)

0.5 NPT, 0.75 NPT, 1 NPT, 1.25 NPT

Range in PSI

5 PSIG – 60 PSIG


N, R

Vent Type

Indoor, Outdoor


New Mexico, Texas