B838 Series Twin Parallel Regulators

B838 Series Twin Parallel Regulators

» Interchangeable brass orifice
» Combined 226 in 2 of diaphragm area
» Twin Spring-loaded internal relief
valve assemblies
» Field interchangeable adjustment springs
» No special adjustment tools required
» Controlled size breather orifice eliminates
pulsation and provides normal actuation
at low flows
» Wide range of valve body sizes


​The B838 Series regulators are designed to handle the increased gas flows of large orifice sizes. With twin, large size diaphragm cases the 838 offers unusually large internal relief capacity for greater safety. It provides pounds-to-pounds and pounds-to-inches water column pressure regulation.

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Commercial, Industrial, Service, Twin Parallel

Regulator Type

Spring Loaded Regulator


NPT, Flanged

Connection (Inlet)

2 NPT, 3 NPT

Connection (size)


Range in PSI

5" w.c. – 5 PSIG

SCFH or BTUs (in 1,000s)

<10000, 9000-10000, 6000-9000, 4000-6000, 2000-4000, 1500-2000


D, M, N, R

Vent Type

Indoor, Outdoor


New Mexico, Texas