Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap Series H

Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap Series H

Large ports handle high capacities.
Wide range of seat pressures available – up to 175 psig.
Durable, cast iron bodies provide long service.
Stainless steel valve trim, floats and air vents increase service life.


Automatic and continuous elimination of condensate and air at steam temperature increases system efficiency.
Float and thermostatic traps operate on the density principle. A thermostatic vent in the top of the trap allows free passage of air during start-up, and closes near saturation temperature. Condensate fills a float chamber, causing a float to rise, and through a lever mechanism pulls a valve off its seat and opens the orifice of a discharge valve. The opening and closing of the seat provides modulation to handle light or heavy condensate loads.
The discharge valve is under condensate water. The water forms a seal that prevents live steam loss. This also prevents the venting of air and non-condensable gases. The accumulation of air and non-condensable gases causes a significant temperature drop. The thermostatic valve in the top of the trap discharges these gases.

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2.5", 2", 1.5", 1.25", 1", 0.75"




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