Floor Mounted Isolators

Floor Mounted Isolators

Floor-Mounted Isolation Available: Grommet Washers, Neo +, Rubber-in-Shear Floor Mounts, Seismic Rubber-in-Shear Mounts, Seismic Restraint Bracket, Free Spring, Free Spring with Top, Seismic Free Spring, Closed Mount Spring, Restrained Spring, Seismic Restrained Spring, Seismic Inline Pump Stands, Thrust Restraints, Rubber Expansion Joints


Equipment designed to be installed resting on a floor can typically be supported at specific points or mounted on a supplemental base which can be supported at points. Vibro-Acoustics’ line of floor-mounted vibration isolators can be installed at these points to absorb equipment vibration energy before it enters the building structure and creates audible noise or noticeable vibrations. Uniquely-engineered compression springs are used for low frequency vibrations and elastomeric isolators help absorb high frequency vibrations. Vibration isolators that use a combination of both options to maximize their efficiency are also available.

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