Rite Boilers

Backed by unparalleled customer service, these boilers are built to fit your operations, water treatment and maintenance for maximum water boiler efficiency.

Rite Boilers gives you complete access to the watersides for inspection, cleaning and repair. This equipment is engineered to be easily repaired using predominantly non-proprietary parts including boiler tubes.

A Thermal-Shock Resistance Boiler Tube Design

The Rite Boiler “horizontal, inclined water tube boiler” design is unique in that it incorporates the best characteristics of traditional fire tube and water tube boilers: the large-bore, non-proprietary fire tube tubes boiler but the thermal-shock resistance of a flexible water tube boiler.

Key Design Advantages

COMPLETE access to the boiler water sides for inspection, cleaning and repair.

  • 25 year warranty against thermal shock and tube erosion.
  • Available as either atmospheric or powered burner.
  • Suitable for “type B” or “category I” venting.
  • Multiple fuel options including: natural gas, LP gas, diesel fuel, waste fuel, digester and landfill gasses.
  • Unlike other designs such as tubeless, cast iron and firetube boilers our water tube design can go from a cold start to steam in minutes.
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Rite Boiler Products We Carry:

High-efficiency Gas Steam Boiler

High & Low Pressure Boiler

Gas-powered Steam Boiler

High-temperature Water Boiler

Dependable Steam Water Boiler

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