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Select a style and model that best fits the job requirements.The trade often calls WEIL PUMP the HEAVYWEIGHT. A Weil pump model consistently OUTWEIGHS and OUTLASTS similar pumps. This difference is by design to make the best. The result is a distortion-free part with high rigidity, consistent machined dimensions, and a longer service life.

During its long and distinguished history Weil Pump has been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of centrifugal pumps for construction, industrial, commercial, and municipal applications. Quality has always been foremost in company decision-making. We are dedicated to building a product that engineers can specify and contractors can sell and install with confidence. Engineers and contractors owe their clients the best and Weil Pump provides it.

All of our castings are poured in the United States and all parts are machined and assembled in our own manufacturing facility in the United States. In addition to pumps, we manufacture our own removal systems and controls, ensuring one source accountability/reliability and trouble-free startup and operation.

Weil pumps have the lowest life cycle cost of any pump available. Our insistence on high quality, rugged designs insure the least maintenance over the life of the pump. Every time a pump is removed for maintenance, significant costs quickly add up to exceed the original purchase price. The pump requiring the fewest number of removals is the best value – and no one beats Weil for dependable in-pit operating time.

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