Aermec Mission, Vision and Quality Assurance

Aermec North America is dedicated to providing superior technical help to sales representatives, technicians, and engineers on site and in the field. Further, we lead the way with our unparalleled commitment to superior customer service practices for stakeholders.

Aermec strives to provide efficient and innovative HVAC solutions to the North American market. We offer the most innovative air to water chillers and heat pumps, water to water chillers and heat pumps, free cooling chillers, modular free cooling chillers, dry coolers, condensers and the worlds quietest fan coils.

Aermec North America offers some of the most innovative products on the market. All of our products are manufactured at Aermec Headquarters in Bevilacqua, Italy. Prior to shipment, all units are run tested in order to ensure the highest quality. A witness test is also available on request. Providing you with peace of mind.

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Aermec Products We Carry:

Total or partial heat recovery and free cooling chillers

The world’s quietest fan coils and innovative zoning

Screw chillers

Modular chillers

Heat pump hot water boosters

Chilled beams

Packaged heat pump and energy recovery unit 100% percent fresh air

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