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Oslin Nation Company is proud to be a manufacturer’s representative of the top HVAC brands and system solutions on the market today.

Oslin Nation’s high efficiency commercial water heaters and boilers are engineered for energy-efficiency, performance and reliability. Our easy-to-install water heater and boilers protects against high energy costs. Our energy saving features make Oslin Nation Company an optimal and reliable distributor of energy efficient HVAC systems and products.

Understand why our HVAC brands are the preferred choice for building owners and contractors and all types of commercial and residental projects. Click on our best HVAC brands below to learn more about our plumbing distributors and their products.

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Boiler and Water Heater FAQ’s

What is the difference between a Boiler and Hot Water Heater?2021-07-26T12:46:27-05:00

Boilers are appliances that heat water or make steam to use for Hydronic, Industrial, or Process heating applications. Water Heaters heat water for domestic use. This includes laundry, showering, cooking, consumption, cleaning, etc.

What is a commercial boiler?2021-07-26T12:52:59-05:00

A Commercial Boiler is a piece of equipment that uses electricity or fossil fuels (Natural Gas, Diesel, Propane, Fuel Oil, etc.) to heat water.

What temp should boiler water be?2021-07-26T12:54:07-05:00

Boiler temperatures vary. Reading and understanding the manufacturer’s operations manual is a good start. Another solution would be to consult with an Engineer or Facilities Manager to know the proper application to determine the needed temperature for the boiler.

What is a condensing hot water heater?2021-07-26T12:54:43-05:00

A Condensing Water Heater is an appliance that runs on natural gas or propane that achieves maximum efficiency by keeping the return or inlet water to the appliance at less than 130F.

What does an expansion tank do for a water heater?2021-07-26T12:55:15-05:00

An expansion tank is generally installed to help the system manage thermal expansion. As the water heats up, the pressure in the system will increase. Increased pressure can result in early failure or leaking of the hot water piping or equipment.

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