Natural Gas Regulators and Meters2021-10-06T11:42:14-05:00

Natural Gas Regulators and Meters

We carry a complete line of hydronic heating and plumbing products, valves, tanks and other equipment. We want to be your systems experts and provide all of the components to complete your project.

Best Gas Regulator Brands

Itron: Natural Gas Regulators and Meters

Maxitrol: Ventless Natural Gas Regulators

For a complete list of the brands we represent, click here.

What are the different types of gas regulators?2021-10-06T11:36:45-05:00

Oslin Nation Company sells Indoor and outdoor regulators that can be for both Natural Gas or Propane. Our two main brands of regulators are Itron and Maxitrol. The most popular models from Itron are the B42, B34, B34R, and B34SR. From Maxitrol it is the 325L Series.

How to size a pressure regulator?2021-10-06T11:37:14-05:00

Our customer service team is ready to help customers size their regulators, all we need is a few pieces of information: line size, inlet pressure, outlet pressure, BTU load, Natural Gas or LP, Indoor or outdoor, and finally, what is the application.

How do you adjust a gas pressure regulator?2021-10-06T11:37:30-05:00

All pressure regulators have a range that they can operate in, and they can be adjusted by the internal spring.

What are some natural gas regulator types?2021-10-06T11:37:43-05:00

All of the regulators that we sell can be used for either Natural Gas or Propane; the equipment is the same, but it is sized differently because the BTU load is different depending on the fuel that is being used. Our customer service team can quickly help you figure which model will work for your project.

How does a gas meter work?2021-10-06T11:37:55-05:00

A gas meter measures the volume of fuel gases traveling through a pipeline. It does so by measuring the force of the moving gas through the pipeline.