The B42 Series Regulator represents a pinnacle of precision engineering in the gas regulation industry, specifically designed for residential and light commercial applications. These regulators are celebrated for their compact design, robust safety features, and versatile applications, making them a cornerstone product for gas pressure management solutions.

Understanding the importance of reliable and efficient gas flow control is crucial for both safety and functionality in numerous applications. The B42 Series stands out by offering superior performance wrapped in a compact and user-friendly package.

Overview of the B42 Series Regulator

The B42 Series Regulators from Roots have established themselves as a staple in the gas regulation industry, catering specifically to residential and light commercial needs. Developed with precision and reliability at the forefront, these regulators are engineered to simplify complex pressure management challenges across various applications.

At its core, the B42 Series embodies a design philosophy that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and ease of use. This series includes models such as B42N and B42R, each tailored to different operational requirements but built on the same foundation of quality. The versatility of the series allows it to cater to a wide range of pressures and capacities, making it a suitable choice for a multitude of environments, from homes to businesses.

What truly sets the B42 Series apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction and cost efficiency. Designed to reduce total operational costs, these regulators are not only effective but also economical. They feature a molded diaphragm, a 6:1 lever ratio, and an optional internal relief that enhances their performance and safety characteristics. The compact size of the B42 does not compromise its capability, ensuring it delivers the same or better performance as larger, more cumbersome units.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of gas regulation, the B42 Series by Roots stands out as a reliable companion, crafted to meet the stringent demands of modern gas distribution networks. Its continued evolution is a testament to the commitment of Roots to provide innovative solutions that enhance user experience and safety.

Key Features

The B42 Series Regulators are renowned for their robust construction and advanced features, which ensure optimal performance in residential and light commercial settings. Here are some of the key features and advantages that make the B42 Series a leader in the market:

  • Interchangeable Parts: The B42 Series offers interchangeable aluminum orifices and springs, allowing for easy maintenance and customization according to specific needs.
  • 12.6 sq. in. of diaphragm area
  • Molded Diaphragm: Each unit features a molded deep convolution diaphragm with an O-ring seal. This design enhances the durability and reliability of the regulator under various operating conditions.
  • Plated steel 6:1 lever
  • One piece molded Buna-N valve seat
  • Safety and Performance: With options like the internal relief valve (Model B42R), these regulators ensure enhanced safety by preventing over-pressure situations. The 1-inch vent provides exceptional relief capacity, thereby improving safety margins.
  • 1″ and 3/4″ threaded vent with stainless steel screen
  • Compact Design: Despite its smaller size compared to traditional regulators, the B42 maintains a robust build, ensuring long field life and consistent performance, which is critical in both residential and commercial applications.
  • Delrin® vent valve with Buna-N seat
  • Spring-loaded internal relief valve assembly
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyethylene seal cap with integral relief valve stop
  • Field interchangeable adjustment spring

These features collectively contribute to a high-performance regulator that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations in terms of safety, efficiency, and reliability.

Applications and Customizations

The B42 Series Regulators find applications in a wide array of environments:

  • Residential Use: Ideal for home gas systems, ensuring safe and efficient gas flow.
  • Light Commercial Applications: Suitable for small businesses and commercial establishments where consistent gas pressure is crucial.

The availability of models like B42N (without internal relief) and B42R (with internal relief) provides additional flexibility, catering to specific safety and performance needs. Furthermore, the option to customize components such as the orifice size and spring configurations allows users to adapt the regulators precisely to their operational requirements.

Technical Specifications

The B42 Series Regulators boast a variety of technical specifications that cater to a diverse range of applications. Key specifications include:

  • Pressure Capabilities: The series is designed to handle varying pressures with multiple spring options that allow for customization of outlet pressure ranges.








  • Connection Options: Available in several connection versions, including straight, 90° angle, and compact body connections, the B42 Series ensures flexibility in installation and usage.


  • Certifications: All models are certified to B109.4/CSA 6.18 and Z21.80/CSA 6.22 specifications, affirming their quality and compliance with industry standards.
  • Temperature Range: The regulators operate effectively within a temperature range of -20°F to 150°F, with silicone valve seats available for lower temperatures.

These specifications ensure that the B42 Series can be tailored to meet the demands of various gas regulation scenarios, making it a versatile choice for many applications.

The B42 Series Regulators exemplify innovation and reliability, making them a top choice for gas regulation needs in residential and light commercial environments. Their adaptable design, comprehensive safety features, and robust construction make them an indispensable tool in the gas regulation landscape.

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