Oslin Nation is a Maxitrol distributor of ventless natural gas regulators also known as gas pressure regulators. They also manufacture electronic gas flame modulation systems and temperature controls for use with direct gas-fired modulating air heaters.

Oslin Nation distributes a large variety of ventless Maxitrol gas regulators for almost any indoor application. There is no need to run an outdoor vent line.

Gas Regulator Types include:

Maxitrol RV 325 Series Ventless Regulator with Rubber Seat

These RV 325 Series poppet regulators are designed primarily for main burner and pilot load applications. Typical applications include residential and commercial cooking appliances, barbecues, hearth products, and pilot lines. They are rated up to 1/2 psi (3.4 kPa). Suitable for natural, manufactured, mixed gases, liquefied petroleum gases, LP gas-air mixtures, and gases of DIN EN 437 gas family 1, 2, and 3.

Access the natural gas regulators application guide for Maxitrol’s RV 325 Series Poppet Gas Regulators flow design

Maxitrol RV Series Straight-Thru-Flow-Design Gas Regulator

Maxitrol’s straight-thru-flow (STF) design ventless regulators are non-lockup type regulators for high capacities at low inlet pressures. The cone principal permits gas to flow straight through the regulator without changing directions. Frictional flow resistance is reduced, resulting in greater capacity. An improved flow pattern provides accurate, sensitive regulation at extremely low pressure differentials. Typical applications include residential, commercial, and industrial gas-fired appliances and equipment used on low or medium pressure gas supplies.

Access the natural gas regulators application guide for Maxitrol’s flow design gas regulators

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