Maxitrol Company is a recognized international manufacturer of electronic gas modulation systems, gas pressure regulators/governors, combination gas control valves, gas safety devices, and gas filters.

Oslin Nation distributes ventless Maxitrol gas regulators for most indoor applications. There is no need to run an outdoor vent line.

Gas Regulator Types include:

325‑L Series Line Pressure Regulators — 2 psi

Maxitrol’s 325‑L Series line pressure regulators are for 2 psi piping systems. 325 series regulators are used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The 325 series features a high leverage linkage assembly to deliver positive dead-end lockup. The regulators are capable of precise regulation from full flow down to pilot flow. See more here.

325‑L Series Line Pressure Regulators w/OPDs — up to 5 psi

Maxitrol’s 325‑L Series line pressure regulators with OPDs are for use on piping systems up to 5 psi. The regulator reduces pounds pressure to a level within the appliance or equipment’s operating supply range. The line regulator is located upstream of equipment already fitted with an appliance regulator.  For more on these regulators, click here.

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