For over 50 years, Delta has provided cooling towers that stand up to process conditions and the outdoor elements like no other cooling tower. Delta has coupled the seamless plastic construction with many other design features that are consistent with longevity.

The Delta Engineered Plastic Cooling Towers come with a 20-Year warranty. These lightweight and corrosion proof cooling towers require low maintenance and come with one piece for easy, seamless construction. The Cooling Towers also come with standard features such as the HDPE shell, non-corroding construction, and non-clog PVC water distribution system. There are many options with filter/water treatment accessories, thermostatic fan on-off control, and ladders with landing platforms.

TM Series™

A set of three TM Series Plastic Cooling Towers side by side.


The TM Series Plastic Cooling Tower has induced draft and a counter flow design. There are Single Modules available from 250 tons to 2,500 tons, and here’s what’s inside of the TM Series™ Cooling Tower:

Direct Drive Air Moving System

The TM Series™ single module has a totally enclosed cooling tower, which is ideal for premium efficiency. It will also power multiple fiber-reinforced polypropylene axial propeller fans within a polyethylene velocity recovery stack.

Nozzle Water Distribution System

The TM Series™ comes with a large non-clog removable nozzle that will help keep the water evenly-distributed.

Drift Eliminator

The three pass PVC drive eliminator will help prevent water droplets from leaving the tower.

Fill Material

The high efficiency PVC cellular design is great for maximum cooling.

Independent Cell Capability

The independent cells inside of the TM Series™ allow for the cells to isolate. The isolated cells then have operational flexibility.

Non-Corroding Shell

The HDPE plastic construction cannot corrode and also has a 20-year warranty.

Self Supporting Plastic Base

To elevate the installations, the tower can be set either on a flat surface or on L-beams that are placed in integrally molded L-beam pockets.

Leak-Proof Sump

The one-piece sump is sloped from the end and sides towards the outlet. There are no joints, so the sump will not leak or require caulking and sealing.

Lightweight and Double-Wall

Plastic is lighter than conventional cooling towers, and the integrated double-wall is more than 10 times the average wall thickness of metal towers.


One of the Paragon Delta Cooling Towers.

The Paragon™ cooling tower has similar features to the TM Series™:

  • Non-corroding shell (and 20-year warranty)
  • Direct drive air moving system
    • This direct drive air moving system also is totally enclosed for premium efficiency and motor powers fiber-reinforced polypropylene axial propeller fan.
  • Drift eliminator, with the three pass PVC drift eliminator that prevents water droplets from leaving the tower.
  • Nozzle water distribution system that doesn’t clog and has a removable nozzle, which helps distribute the water evenly.
  • Fill material with the high efficiency spiral wound PVC cellular design for maximum cooling.
  • One-piece leak-proof sump
    • Does not require recaulking and sealing.

It is also lightweight and heavy duty, since the plastic is lighter than conventional cooling towers and the average wall thickness is 5-10 times that of sheet metal towers.


An image of the Pioneer Delta Cooling Tower.

Unlike the TM Series™ and the Paragon™, the Pioneer™ cooling tower has a forced draft. Similar to the other two cooling tower designs, the Pioneer™ also has a counter flow design. It is for 10 to 100 ton single modules, and has many of the same features as the TM Series™ and the Paragon™:

  • Non-corroding shell with the HDPE plastic construction that is backed by a 20-year warranty
  • Drift eliminator that stops water droplets from leaving the tower
  • Nozzle water distribution system that doesn’t clog and has removable nozzles
  • Fill material for maximum cooling
  • One-piece, leak-proof sump
    • This one also requires no recaulking or sealing
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty with average wall thickness that is 5-10 times sheet metal towers.

The Pioneer™ cooling system also has an air moving system. This air moving system is totally enclosed for premium efficiency. The motor powers a centrifugal blower with an optional HDPE weather hood.


An image of the Anti-Microbial cooling tower.

The Anti-Microbial cooling tower has the non-corroding tower shell, the drift eliminator and the anti-microbial tower fill (which has the growth of microorganisms and biofilm. The anti-microbial is has fully-compounded resin that resists biofilm growth.

The Anti-Microbial cooling tower can withstand the most aggressive chemical treatments.

The Anti-Microbial cooling tower is designed to minimize legionella risk. The TM Series achieves this by having an aggressive slope side-to-side and a 3% slope back-to-outlet. Overall, it prevents stagnant corner water (which is typical in flat bottom towers and is also the breeding ground for microorganisms which reproduce legionella), and there are basin sweepers available.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 5,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease are now reported in the United States.



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