Your customers will save time, money, and water with Bell & Gossett’s ecocirc 20-18 pumps. There’s a range of temperatures that make the pump more versatile in commercial settings, and it also uses the electronically commutated motor (ECM), which reduces power consumption.


  • 3 modes – proportional pressure, constant pressure, or adjustable speed control
  • Maximum of 20 feet of head or 18 GPM
  • Automatic air purge to remove any air trapped in the pump
  • 70W maximum power
  • Check valve included in box
  • One turn knob and multicolor LED display for easy reading and setting of the pump
  • Insulation shell included
  • CircGuardTM – provides protection using a completely integrated system
  • Fluid temperature: 14-230oF

Dimensions and Weights

Opting for Oslin Nation to supply your Ecocirc 20-18 pump ensures a compact and lightweight solution with expert support, enhancing system integration and performance efficiency.


Part Numbers

By choosing Oslin Nation as your Bell and Gossett distributor, you gain access to a comprehensive range of options including cast iron and stainless steel builds, ensuring that you find the exact match for your system’s specifications and material compatibility needs.


For information on the Ecocirc 20-18 pumps’ capabilities across fixed speed, constant pressure, and proportional pressure settings, view the graphs below.

Cross Reference Chart

Here is how the Bell & Gossett ecocirc 20-18 pump compares to brands such as Grundfos and Taco.



What are the operational modes of the Bell & Gossett Ecocirc 20-18 pump?

The Bell & Gossett Ecocirc 20-18 pump offers three operational modes to cater to different heating and cooling needs: proportional pressure, constant pressure, and adjustable speed control. These modes allow for flexibility and energy efficiency in a variety of system configurations.

How does the Ecocirc 20-18 vary in performance between the standard and Ecocirc+ models?

Regarding the performance differences between the standard Ecocirc 20-18 and the Ecocirc+ model, the latter provides additional features such as Bluetooth communication for easy monitoring and control, temperature management, and adaptive learning capabilities for optimized operation.

What is the maximum flow rate and head of the Ecocirc 20-18 pump?

The Ecocirc 20-18 is designed to handle a maximum flow rate of 18 gallons per minute and can achieve a head of up to 20 feet. This makes it suitable for a range of commercial applications.

Can the Ecocirc 20-18 pump handle hot and cold water applications?

The pump is also engineered to handle fluid temperatures from 14 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, accommodating both hot and cold water systems, further showcasing its versatility for various heating and cooling requirements.

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