High-Efficiency Commercial Gas Boiler that is Cost-Effective

Lochinvar first introduced Copper-Fin® technology to the boiler industry some 50 years ago. Since then, they’ve continued to refine and perfect their Copper-Fin® Commercial Gas Boilers  – adding advanced fan-assisted combustion, hot surface ignition, a unique gasketless copper finned tube heat exchanger, and highly efficient insulating materials.

Installation Flexibility and Cost-Savings

With compact sizes that use less floor space than ever before, all Copper-Fin® boilers are narrow enough to fit through a standard 36” doorway – an advantage most commercial boilers can’t provide. Thanks to special insulating materials, Lochinvar Copper-Fin® boilers require only 3” clearance from combustible walls.

The stack frame allows you to install two units in the area normally required for one. This makes it easier to fit multiple Copper-Fin® boilers into cramped mechanical rooms.

Unique Copper-Fin® Heat Exchanger

The Lochinvar Copper-Fin® high-efficiency commercial boiler Houston Texas design uses a two-pass heat exchanger. Water is circulated through a row of highly-efficient, finned copper tubes. The high rate of water flow creates a scouring action that prevents sediment and lime-scale buildup, common in conventional boilers.

Heavy-Duty Gasketless Design

This one-piece header system or gasketless design provides enhanced reliability, improved durability, and optimum performance – without the problems or failures common with O-rings and gaskets.

Meets the Toughest Air Quality Standards

Because of the unique fan-assisted combustion process, the Copper-Fin® commercial gas boiler exceeds today’s toughest NOx emissions requirements. An independent certification laboratory test gave a rating of less than 20 ppm corrected to 3% Oxygen. And less NOx means a cleaner environment.

Enhanced to Provide Performance and Serviceability

The enhanced Copper-Fin® models offer the same reliable operation and feature a more service-friendly design.


  • Down stream test valves and gas valves are now in the upper deck for easier access
  • Electricial and BMS connections have been repositioned to the front of the unit for easier installation


  • Gas valves improve operational performance by monitoring the pressure in the sealed combustion chamber and adjusting gas flow to maintain the optimum air/fuel mixture.
  • Built-in air inlet filter reduces maintenance and improves performance by trapping dust and airborne particulates that can foul the burners and blowers.
  • With dual sight glasses (one on each end), you can easily monitor burner performance and flame characteristics throughout the entire combustion chamber.

Copper-Fin® Boiler Dimensions & Specifications

Standard Features

  • 81% Thermal Efficiency
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Fan Assisted Combustion
  • Sealed Combustion Chamber
  • Stainless Steel Burners
  • ASME Copper Finned Tube Heat Exchanger
  • 160 psi Working Pressure
  • Gasketless Heat Exchanger Design
  • High Voltage Terminal Strip 120V/1PH/60Hz
  • Pump Relay w/ Delay
  • Down Stream Test Valve
  • Referenced Gas Valves
  • Loch-Heat Ceramic Tile Combustion Chamber
  • Hot Surface Ignition
  • Adjustable High Limit w/ Manual Reset
  • 50 PSI ASME Pressure Relief Valve
  • Temperature & Pressure Gauge
  • Flow Switch
  • 24 Volt Control System
  • BMS Terminal Strip
  • Combustion Air Filter
  • Freeze Protection
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty on Heat Exchanger (See warranty for details)


Optional Equipment

  • Alarm Bell
  • Contacts on any Failure
  • Contacts for Air Louvers
  • Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger
  • High & Low Gas Pressure Switch w/ Manual Reset
  • Outdoor Reset Control
  • Manual Reset Low Water Cut-Off w/ test
  • Stack Frame
  • MP2 Sequencer
  • ASME Pressure Relief Valve 30,75,100,125 & 150 PSI


Available Firing Systems

M9 – Hot Surface Ignition with

Electronic Supervision (Standard)


M7 – California Code



  • Outdoor Vent Cap


Oslin Nation Company Provides the Solutions

No matter the kind of project you are working on, Oslin Nation Company has the commercial boiler for high-efficiency solutions you are looking for. We have been the Lochinvar representative in Texas for many years and are proud to provide their quality products to our customers.

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