The Original Lochinvar Commercial Boiler Continues to Set the Standard 

In 1986, Power-Fin® redefined the industry with its space-saving design, groundbreaking efficiency, and venting flexibility. Now, over 30 years later, Lochinvar continues to raise the standard of the original Lochinvar commercial boiler with an easy-to-operate touch screen user interface, remote boiler control, and enhanced communications. The advanced Smart Touch™ color display includes CON•X•US® remote connectivity via WiFi or Ethernet for easy control at your fingertips, from anywhere. And a simple drop-in Modbus or BACnet card allows for easy integration into a Building Management System. Read on to learn more about the cost savings and other benefits of this Lochinvar Powerfin. 

Enhanced Operating Control

As a Lochinvar boiler rep, distribute the industry-best Smart Touch(TM) 8 ̋ LCD full-color touchscreen with easy-to-understand info-graphics. This commercial boiler is equipped with CON·X·US® connectivity that lets you remotely monitor and optimize the performance of the entire boiler plant.

Burner Modulation Boosts Efficiency and Lowers Boiler Costs

With thermal efficiencies of up to 87%, Power-Fin commercial boilers feature a 5:1 turndown ratio that will precisely match the firing rate to heating load requirements—at any point from 20% to full firing rate. This results in less equipment cycling for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Ready for Outdoor Installation 

In warm-weather sites where the mechanical room is overcrowded, the Power-Fin can be easily installed either outdoors or on a rooftop. The outdoor hood and screen protector make outdoor installation fast and trouble-free.

Venting Solutions

The Powerfin commercial boiler offers seven venting options for ease of installation and flexibility to meet the most challenging installation requirements. The Power-Fin permits air intake and exhaust terminations to be horizontal through a sidewall or vertical through a roof. Consult the installation and operation manual for detailed venting guidelines or you can call Oslin Nation, your Lochinvar boiler rep, and distributor.

Peace of Mind, When it Matters Most

Cascade Redundancy provides peace of mind because it helps ensure that a Power-Fin boiler system will always deliver reliable performance with no downtime. If the lead boiler is turned off for maintenance, Cascade Redundancy automatically shifts the lead role to the second sequenced boiler. Up to eight Power-Fin boilers can be sequenced using a 2-wire daisy-chain connection. Cascade sequencing can be programmed for Lead-Lag or Efficiency Optimized operation.

With Lead-Lag operation, one lead boiler modulates to capacity on demand. As load increases, the system then cascades to additional lag boilers in sequence. The first-on role shifts daily, distributing equal run times to each unit.


In an Efficiency Optimized system (see illustration left), all boilers fire and modulate simultaneously at the same Btu/hr input rates.

About Oslin 

No matter the kind of project you are working on, Oslin Nation Company has the hydronic heating and cooling solutions you are looking for. We have been a Lochinvar boiler rep as well as the distributor for high-efficiency boilers and water heaters in San Antonio and Houston Texas and are proud to provide their quality products to our customers.