Relief & Reducing Valves

Relief & Reducing Valves

Engineered in accordance with Section IV of the ASME boiler and pressure code for heating boilers with capacities certified by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
Offer the highest BTUH ratings available on the market today for valves in their class (790,000 to 5,999,000 BTUH)
EPDM diaphragm operated (cast iron models) and diaphragm assisted (bronze models) have an effective area approximately 5 times greater than conventional pop-type relief valves to help overcome the effects of fouling.
Low differential between opening and closing pressures helps to prevent conditions under which system water might flash to steam and cause hammering


Protect fired and unfired hot water vessels against hazardous operating pressures.

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1.5", 1", 0.75", 0.5"


Threaded, Sweat


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