Delta Overview

One of the more recent additions to our product lineup is Delta cooling towers. Delta has innovative products that really are second to none. Their HDPE based cooling towers are have several advantages over their metal and fiberglass counterparts. Where metal cooling towers need regular maintenance and downtime, HDPE cooling towers are corrosion proof and have fewer moving parts. Metal towers are affected by environmental conditions or water softeners, plastic cooling towers are not are not affected by chemicals and provide water savings.

Featured Products
The TM series, an induced draft, counter flow design, which goes from 250 to 2500 ton modules.
Paragon, an induced draft, counter flow design from 55-250 ton modules.
Anti-microbial, a cooling tower built with a resin that continuously disrupts and prevents uncontrolled growth of microorganisms and biofilm.
Pioneer, a forced draft, counter flow design from 10-100 ton single modules.
All Delta products are:
  • Lightweight
  • High-Efficiency
  • Corrosion Proof
  • Seamless One-Piece Construction
  • Low Maintenance
  • Include a 20-Year Warranty
  • Provide Water Savings
  • Low Sound
  • Made in the USA

In December of 1970, three engineers, who had previously worked for a metal cooling tower company were looking for an innovation in the industry. They knew metal towers had a history of being short-lived due to the moist and corrosive atmosphere, so they thought it would be beneficial to build cooling towers from a non-corrosive engineered plastic such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The first tower was a 50-ton unit that was shipped to Oregon, which was a huge success.

For over 50 years, Delta Cooling Towers have been pioneers in the cooling tower industry. Their founders were innovators and refused to settle for less than the best. That tradition is continued today by their extensive involvement in the healthcare industry.

We are proud to represent Delta Cooling towers in the great state of Texas, and are grateful to share their excellent products with our customers. Here is a link to their website and also to our brand page featuring them.

Product Brochure

Please download this brochure to learn more about Delta and their products.