Founded in 1970, Delta Cooling Towers was the first company to manufacture a seamless, non-corrosive, polyethylene cooling tower line with the introduction of our Pioneer Series.

Delta Quality and Assurance

Delta stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry and has extended the longest warranty in the cooling tower industry. Delta provides a 20 YEAR WARRANTY on the cooling towers structural shell. The heavy-wall plastic shell will not peel, rust, chip or ever need additional coating. The most worry-free cooling towers also features a 5 year warranty on motors and direct drive fans.

Delta Cooling Towers are LOW MAINTENANCE by design. Delta has carefully designed its products to have minimal maintenance issues. Other manufacturers of cooling towers have much more complicated designs to achieve the same performance. This includes many more parts – which are more potential maintenance and upkeep issues. One example is Delta’s Direct Drive Fan Systems which do not require the maintenance of other towers. On Delta towers there are no gear reducers, couplings, additional shafts, or extra bearings to maintain. Delta manufactures a totally SEAMLESS cooling tower. Delta towers are the only large packaged cooling towers in the industry that have a “one-piece” shell. This means there are no seams, panels, rivets, or hundreds of fasteners to fail or compromise the performance or integrity of the product.

Delta products we carry in Texas: