The Weil Pump has many different products, and the Double Seal Submersible Pumps are used for wastewater, solids, and have many features, including a cast iron case and impellers, as well as a Class F insulated motor and a motor shell.

Four blue Double Seal Submersible Pumps

Pump Features

Cast Iron Features

The Double Seal Submersible Pumps have many different features, including a cast iron case designed to protect the pump. There is support on the floor models, which comes in the form of a tripod.


In addition to the case, the impellers, strainer, and hardware are all made of cast iron, which is durable and protective.

Tandem and Double Opposed Seals

The Weil Double Seal Submersible Pumps have a standard of tandem seals, an upper and a lower seal, and you also have the option of double opposed seals. The tandem seals operate in separate chambers, whereas the double opposed seals are inside the same chamber.

Motor Features

Type and Voltage

The motor is a NEMA 6 and has a Class F insulation. There are single-phase voltages or three-phase voltages available.

Shell and End Bell

A Double Seal Submersible Pumps made of stainless steel.

Like the pump’s case, impellers, strainer, and hardware, the motor’s shell is also made of cast iron.

The motor’s End Bell also has a cast iron design, which is also a NEMA 6. The End Bell has a glass seal that prevents water from entering the motor in case of a leak.

Elastomers and Power Cables

The motor has elastomers for positive sealing; a fluorelastomer is also available.

All models come with the standard power cable.

Other Options

There are other options when it comes to the Weil Double Seal Submersible Pumps, although not all of these options are available on every model:

  • Bronze Impeller
  • 50 Hz motors
  • Black epoxy paint
  • Varying power cable lengths

Industrial Pumps

Oslin Nation also offers a range of industrial pumps that are efficient and reliable. The sump pumps can hold up to 70 GPM. Back up sump pumps are available in case of an emergency power outage.