Supporting our healthcare friends

Oslin Nation Company is proud and happy to support our friends in the healthcare industry. Recently we sold a large amount of equipment that was installed in the newly constructed Texas Health Mansfield. See our gallery of some of the installed equipment below.

Work completed

Among the items sold were Bell and Gossett pumps, tanks, Weil wastewater and sump pumps, and Lochinvar Crest Boilers. We were happy to provide them with parts and equipment for their HVAC, domestic plumbing, and wastewater systems. This equipment ensures that the facility will be able to run efficiently and effectively into the foreseeable future.

New Facility for Developing Community

The facility is nearing completion and will serve the surrounding area with an “emergency room, general surgery, women’s services, orthopedics, interventional cardiology, gastroenterology, imaging, lab, and pharmacy.” Read more about the facility from Texas Health

Investing in the future

There is a whole lot of uncertainty in the world right now, but there are things we think you can rely on. This new facility has some of the best equipment installed and will be assured in its reliability for years to come.

ONCO can help

If your facility needs new equipment or the old equipment needs to be replaced, Oslin Nation Company has a team of experts that can help. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our employees, customers, and partners with our expertise.

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