During its long and distinguished history, Weil Pump has been at the forefront in the design and manufacture of centrifugal pumps for construction, industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.

Weil manufactures a full line of pump control panels for use with a variety of level control switches.

Control Panels

Weil Pump Company offers a full range of control panels that ensure reliable system operation. Panel offerings include electromechanical, PLC, and VFD constructions. Weil’s control panels can be custom engineered for any job. Weil Pump designs, builds, and wires all of its control panels at its factory, in its UL 508a panel shop.

Weil offers electromechanical and programmable logic controller (PLC) based control panels in simplex, duplex, triplex, and quadplex configurations. Weil panels are offered with fiberglass, steel, and stainless steel panel enclosures in NEMA type 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 7, and 12 ratings.

Standard features on most panels include disconnect, U/L label, pump selector switches, power to pump lights, and high water alarm. Optional features include hour meters, moisture sensor and temperature limiter circuits, and intrinsically safe relays (for pumps with explosion proof motors), soft starters, and variable frequency drives.

Level Controls

Level controls are used to detect the level of a liquid within a basin and subsequently control the operation of the pump(s) within that system. Weil offers 4 types of level controls: Mechanical Levers, Pressure Diaphragms, Tethered Floats and Level Transmitters.

Level control options include:

  •  Tethered float switches
  •  Pressure diaphragm switches
  •  Pedestal-mounted mechanical lever switches
  •  Pressure transducer level transmitters

Packaged Wastewater Systems

Our Packaged Wastewater Systems makes Weil your one-stop pump shop. By ordering the entire system from a single source, you’ll no longer have to coordinate shipments or wait on parts from different suppliers. When your packaged system arrives at the job site, the removal systems, wet well cover, and connecting pipes will be pre-assembled in the basin. Simply lower your Weil pumps into the removal systems, set your control levels, and wire into your control panel. Start-up just got a whole lot easier!

All packaged systems come fitted and complete with:

  •  Pump(s)
  •  Fiberglass Basin
    •  Anti-Flotation Collar
    •  Reinforcing Band
    •  Lifting Lugs
  •  Quick Removal System
    •  Sub Base
    •  Floor Elbow(s)
    •  Guide Rails
    •  Discharge Pipe(s)
    •  Guide Pipe Bracket(s)
  •  Basin Cover
  •  Control Panel
  •  Level Control(s)

A Weil pump model consistently OUTWEIGHS and OUTLASTS similar pumps. This difference is by design to make the best. The result is a distortion-free part with high rigidity, consistent machined dimensions, and a longer service life.

For more information, visit Weil Pump. To understand broader applications and see more products, check out Industrial Pumps.