B36 Series Regulator

B36 Series Regulator


The B36 is a pounds-to-pounds reducing regulator for inlet pressures up to 175 PSIG and outlet pressures from 1 to 60 PSIG. Designed for use in two stage reduction applications where required.

The light weight compact unit is ideally suited for suburban taps, industrial and other installations requiring this type of regulator. The malleable iron retainer plate and “O” ring seal allows the valve body and diaphragm case to be installed in any 360 degree position.

Additional information


High Pressure, Service

Regulator Type

Reducing Regulator


NPT, Flanged

Connection (Inlet)

0.75 NPT, 1 NPT, 1.25 NPT

Connection (size)

0.75 NPT, 1 NPT, 1.25 NPT

Range in PSI

1 PSIG – 60 PSIG

SCFH or BTUs (in 1,000s)

2000-4000, 1500-2000, 750-1000, 500-750, 250-500, >250


N, R

Vent Type

Indoor, Outdoor


New Mexico, Texas