Celebrating 75 years in the business!

Oslin Nation Company is a Dallas-based organizationg spanning over 7 decades of dedicated service. We have supplied Texas with the finest-engineered pumps, the most efficient water heaters and boilers, and most rigorous gas meters and regulators. Whether your project is a small addition to your building featuring a new heating sysyem or an expansive stadium requiring water boosters, our team of engineers and sales professionals is here to see your project through.

Since 1943, Oslin Nation Co. has been providing the best in water pump products. With the coming years we have diversified our roster to include waste pumps, water boosters, heating venting and air conditioning products, and even gas line essentials, metering technologies, and pump control panels. Boasting a lasting realtionship with Bell & Gossett (a xylem brand), and now proudly representing Lochinvar, we are excited to share our prosperous growth with our customers.



Honesty, principle, and doing what is right is what is part of who we are



You can trust that we have the skills and knowledge to perform in all situations



We take responsibility for our work, our service, and our impact on the world



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