RB4000 Series Regulator

RB4000 Series Regulator

Max BTU Capacity: 1,000 mcfh
Available in 2 in. & 3 in. connection
Direct acting spring-loaded pressure regulator
Built-in pulsation damper
Balanced Valve Design
Available with silencer
Available with High and/or Low pressure shut-off valve
Built-in bypass system for ease of shut-off reset
Fluids: Natural gas, propane, butane, air, nitrogen, etc.
Suited for both vertical and horizontal applications


The Series RB4000 pressure regulator is designed for gas supply networks, district station regulation, industrial service regulation, and all applications where accurate pressure control, ease of adjustment, and fast response are required such as for burners, industrial ovens, boilers, etc.

Additional information

Regulator Type

Spring Loaded Regulator



Connection (Inlet)

2 FLG, 3 FLG

Connection (size)

2 FLG, 3 FLG

Range in PSI

4" w.c. – 30 PSIG

SCFH or BTUs (in 1,000s)

750-1000, 500-750, 250-500, >250


M, N

Vent Type

Indoor, Outdoor


New Mexico, Texas