B35 Series Regulator

B35 Series Regulator

Max BTU Capacity: 37,000 scfh » Interchangeable brass or stainless
steel orifice
» Spring-loaded internal relief
valve assembly
» Field interchangeable adjustment spring
» 3/4” NPT and 1” NPT valve
bodies available
» 14 different assembly positions
» External indicator when the regulator
has relieved


​The B35 is specially designed for safe, accurate first-stage pressure reduction on high-pressure gas systems. It is a versatile pounds-to-pounds unit which is ideal for high-pressure industrial applications, rural and suburban taps.

Additional information


High Pressure

Regulator Type

Spring Loaded Regulator


NPT, Flanged

Connection (Inlet)

0.75 NPT, 1 NPT

Connection (size)

0.75 NPT, 1 NPT

SCFH or BTUs (in 1,000s)

<10000, 9000-10000, 6000-9000, 4000-6000, 2000-4000, 1500-2000, 1000-1500, 750-1000, 500-750, 250-500


M, N, R

Vent Type

Indoor, Outdoor


New Mexico, Texas