R Series Burners

R Series Burners

Advanced Servomotor
Camnetic Gas Regulating Assembly
Integrated Control Panel
Burner-Mounted Oil Pump
Unique Combustion Head Design
High-Efficiency Reverse-Incline Fan
Service Slidebars
Insulated Air Intake Housing
Die-Cast Aluminum Chassis
Flame Viewing Window
Exterior Drawer Assembly Adjustment Screw


Quality engineered for the North American market to Riellos proven world-class standard, R-series dual-fuel burners are built for maximum uptime. These compact burners are based on a simple, integrated design that provides high-efficiency, low-noise operation while significantly reducing fuel and maintenance costs.
And Riello R-series dual-fuel burners offer a host of standard features – like compact, lightweight, die-cast aluminum construction; an integrated control panel, and innovative slidebars that make installation and servicing easy.
Riello R-series dual-fuel burners are available in firing rates from 378 to 5,292 Mbtuh (gas) and 2.7 to 37.8 gph (oil), to handle a broad range of commercial, industrial and process applications. Offered in a variety of configurations with various optional accessories, our RLS models deliver uncompromising performance and reliability.

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